Can Kratom Get You High?

Kratom is a plant with a Latin name Mitragyna speciosa. It’s a plant that comes from the coffee family. It can be found on the countries of Southeast Asia like Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar.  There have been lots of controversy that circulates around the effects of kratom. The reason? It doesn’t have evidences from medical researches that it’s effective to be used as a medical treatment for certain conditions. Also, the clinical researchers are also studying the composition of this drug so right doses could be recommended. In this article, we’ll learn more about kratom.  


Kratom is not new in the field of folk medicine. For thousands of years, it has been used by farmers and laborers in Malaysia and Thailand for increased energy while working. It is reported that these laborers brew the leaves as tea or chew the leaves itself. They do this to increase their energy level, combat fatigue and relieve muscle pain.  

Here lies the controversy, just like any other drug, kratom has adverse effects when you use too much of it. Can it get you high? Yes.  It has two primary active compounds namely, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine which behaves like the properties you can find in opioid. Mitragynine is also classified as a kappa-opioid receptor agonist, and researches found out that it is 13 times more potent than morphine. It has the high effect that you can get from other stimulants.  

It is often available in capsule and powder form. A lot of users take this differently. Some of them drink it together with caffeinated beverages, and others take it as a capsule. You can buy online kratom in e-commerce stores. Why do people use kratom? Users reported that when they take this substance, their level of alertness is increased. They feel more energetic, and their social abilities also increased. There are also users who said that they use kratom to combat opioid withdrawal. However, if you abuse this substance, you’re putting yourself at risk for addiction and dependence.  

How long does the effect last? The effect of kratom usually lasts around 2-5 hours after taking it. Once taken in smaller doses, it can lead to relaxation, reduced anxiety and pain relief. Users reported that they use kratom as anesthetic, cough suppresant, anti-inflammatory and antidiarrheal. It’s also been reported to enhance sexual function. If kratom is used as an aid for narcotic withdrawal, it has the following effects: stomach cramps, irritability, yawning, anxiety, sweating and many more. However, these effects are not backed up with medical evidences.  

Once you get addicted to kratom, it might lead to confusion, delusion and hallucinations. Its effects are similar to the negative effects of drugs. High doses will lead to hypotention or low blood pressure and fast heart rate. If you’re a long-term user or planning to use kratom on a long-term basis, it will lead to weight loss and tremors.  

Medical professionals have been trying to study this plant so it can be used on medical purposes. Do not take kratom if you don’t know its effects.  


Using Kratom To Help Treat Depression

Mental health is still a topic across the world that is somehow considered taboo and sensitive. The rise of mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety are now clearer as more and more are open to discussing and with social media’s influence and reach, many have come forward and unfortunately have lost their battle against these mental illnesses. Treatments and therapies are quite expensive and there are a lot of suggestions that if professionals could also focus on alternatives and prevention, we can save more lives than losing them every minute.


In the past 4 years, new across the globe have spread about the rising toll of deaths caused by depression. A few of them are high profiled celebrities and artist such as Chester Bennington, Anthony Bourdain, and Kate Spade. They have been dealing with depression for quite some time and have unfortunately lost their battle. There are many causes of depression and it varies from one person to another ranging from traumatic events to hereditary causes. Depression is a debilitating mental disorder that causes a person to experience hopelessness, extreme sadness, mood swings, and suicidal thoughts or attempt. A person suffering from depression has low serotonin, which is the responsible for communicating to the brain for us to express and feel happiness. Depression can hinder a person’s ability to live a full and productive life and can also cause the people around him or her emotional damage which makes it more dangerous when not fully understood.

Kratom As Anti-Depressants                                                                                                   

One of the most popular herbal alternatives is Kratom. Kratom is a plant grown which grows mostly in Southeast Asian countries and have been used to cure ailments such as chronic pains. What some of us do not know is that Kratom contains a powerful compound called Mitragynine, which has a euphoric effect on its users. Kratom has been used by many to help them alleviate some symptoms of depression and choose it as a healthier option.

Anti-depressants made by pharmaceutical giants are often too strong and has uncomfortable side effects to its users. Unlike Kratom, which is all natural, its users are relieved from feelings of worthlessness, lethargy, and anxiety. Kratom is also known for boosting energy, which is very good for patients with depression as they tend to have low energy. You can look up kratom pills online and see the kind of Kratom strains that can help you with the symptoms of depression. Green Malay and Red Vein Kratom have been proven to uplift moods, reduce the feelings of lethargy, and boosts energy. These euphoric effects, highly help people dealing with depression feel and sense of ease or comfort to continue their day to day activities.

Kratom is only one of the few herbal alternatives that can help people suffering from depression experience a balanced and happy life. With the right amount and dosage of Kratom, many believe that Kratom as one of the alternatives to anti-depressant can save lives in the future. It is important for us to discover or learn more and not be ignorant about mental conditions like depression. More and more are turning to herbal alternatives such as Kratom to help eliminate and treat debilitating diseases and hopefully to develop a permanent cure.


When to Hire Colorado Springs Personal Injury Attorney? 

It is very important to have a legal attorney at your side when you obtain an injury, especially car accidents. Some injured parties don’t know this but you can actually get compensation at the fault’s party. Only an expert in this law can help you get what is right for you. The process of proceeding can be long and difficult. The question here is “When can you hire a Colorado Springs personal injury attorney?” 

Personal Injury Attorney 

  • Auto Accident Injuries. When you have been injured in a car accident and it was not your fault, you are entitled to receive a compensation. An attorney is needed to measure the severity of the injury and calculate the compensation for you. The injury will be measured by what type of injury, the duration of time for you to recover and the medical bills you have incurred. This will also cover the future expenses needed from the healing of your injury.


  • Long-term to permanent disability due to injury.A long-term injury is the one that may last around a year or so. A permanent injury will disable you for the rest of your life. These injuries can actually affect not only the employment of the injured party but as well as the quality of life in the future. What if the injured family has children and family? That is why the involvement of an expert lawyer for this field is essential. He will make sure that there will be a medical professional on the procedure and the injured party will need a financial assistant for a year or lifetime.  


  • When the insurance company disputes the injury.This means that the injured party does not have enough evidence to be insured such as car accidents. The insurance company will not pay any compensation from the damages of the accident. A lawyer will provide proof and help you get what is right for you. He knows the law covered when someone obtained a personal injury.  


  • Refuse to pay any settlement. If the fault party or the insurance company refuse to pay the settlement, hiring an attorney is essential. There are instances that they won’t pay you the fair amount you should have or not even pay full of what you should have.


  • Suffered from medical malpractice.If you claim a medical malpractice from a hospital, you may need an attorney. This kind of personal injury claim takes time and a lot of work. So, if you believe you are a victim of medical malpractice, you should seek help as soon as possible. The more time the attorney works on your case, the better you will get. 


  • Injury acquired during work hours.You can actually get compensation when you are injured during your work time. The company will provide the necessary medical bill expense, salary even if you can’t work and compensation. But you need a professional personal injury lawyer to look over these things. The company may want to do some investigation and you need someone you can rely on during the process.