Is It Safe To Clean a Backed Up Sewer?

For any homeowner, it can be a huge issue whenever you’ve got sewer overflowing and backing up into your house through the drains. Aside from having a foul smell and unappealing sight, it is also very hazardous for a regular homeowner. That is why it is safe to handle the issue on your own?

To make things simple, it isn’t safe. Almost every average homeowner is not equipped with all the needed training and equipment that can allow them to solve the problem without causing any further issues. The reason for this is that sewage can have some dangerous particles. If you are exposed to it, it can prove extremely hazardous. This is particularly true if you do not have the right equipment or gear or if you aren’t trained.

Treating Backed Up Sewage

Oftentimes, the simplest method to deal with spill and stain inside your house is to use bleach. But, sewage is not like regular stains and spills. Black water, the water that makes up the sewage, is extremely hazardous. In addition to that, it is sometimes resistant to regular cleaners, such as bleach. The water might contain bacteria and germs that can resist the effect of bleach and will still survive after treating it.

To save your home from infection, bleach will not help you, even if you use a lot of them. You need to call a professional for help.

Bacteria in the Sewage Can Pose a Major Danger

In human waste, there are more than a hundred various types of bacteria the can be found. This is really only just a portion of what makes up a backed-up sewage system. For every person who can come in contact with the water, it can be extremely risky. A few of these are illness-carrying germs. This includes Rotavirus that can cause fatal and severe diarrhea in young kids. Other bacteria include Norovirus that can encourage stomach flu and Adenoviruses that can be accountable for respiratory system infections.

Stay Safe from Any Hazardous Water

One of the most significant aspects that you have to consider about sewage back up is that it can be extremely risky to every single person exposed to it. In this case, the water is extremely hazardous. It is considered as “Black Water” or Category 3. This type of water is extremely dangerous and contains particles such as bacteria and toxins that can pose a major health threat. You can put yourself at risk, together with the family members living in your house, if you just ignore it.

What Should You Do

You should not have to ignore it any further if you discover that sewage has backed up at your house. You should immediately contact a professional water damage restoration Tulsa company instead of just wasting time trying to figure out what to do.

The restoration service provider you will hire will help you effectively clean up your house and keep you and your family safe from any serious health threats.